Radical left bibliography

Chronological bibliography on Western European radical left parties

Author: Paolo Chiocchetti

Version: provisional

Last update: 11.12.2017

This bibliography aims at providing a working tool to scholars of the radical left parties in Western Europe. Radical left parties are defined as to include all kind of partisan organisations beyond the social-democratic mainstream, including communist, left-socialist, far left, Eurocommunist, and modern radical left currents.

It is limited to works covering developments of any period from 1945 to present in at least three countries (or, before 1989, at least Italy and France). It includes monographs, collected books, special issues, articles in print scientific journals, and some grey literature. Excluded are: works exclusively focused on Central and Eastern European countries, pre-1945 developments, and non-party actors (e.g. intellectuals or civil society organisations); single-country analyses; two-country comparisons; theses; and most grey literature.

This provisional version will be enriched in the future with missing items, hyperlinks to the primary location of the works, references to reviews of the books, and sections on specific countries. Suggestions can be addressed to mail@paolochiocchetti.it.

Thanks to Nico Biver and Giorgos Charalambous for contributing.

GENERAL (1945–present)

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